A Monthly Box containing expertly curated NFTs from legendary NFT collector Pranksy.

All NFTs are secured on the Ethereum blockchain forever!

Perspective matters

Pranksy is an NFT pioneer, who is recognized for being early into the NFT space and having a keen eye for spotting value and talent.

What are the next hot NFTs? If anyone can predict that, it would be Pranksy.

With years of research behind him, and a vast network…
“What’s in the Box?” is truly the question of the times.

On Chain Magic

New Technical Innovations result in On Chain Magic from our friends at NFT42 

Future Proof your collection by ensuring your digital art is preserved forever!

Being fully on-chain matters NOW, and in the future. 

Your NFTs are guaranteed as long as the Ethereum network lives on. #OnChainGang


The Future of NFT’s curated for you

An NFTBox will contain 10 or so NFTs.

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Genesis NFTBoxes

Years of NFT Experience Each

Combined NFTs Owned

NFT Transactions

Why Buy A Box?


Curation from a Pro – Pranksy is the NFTBox curator. Well known in the community he has potentially made the most NFT transactions in the world. If not, he is close! He knows NFT value and truly believes NFTs are the future.


On Chain Magic as we call it. Our friends at NFT42 have created a new super contract, the new gold standard of NFTs. Everything is fully on chain and here to stay. We are already seeing NFTs with no images after 3.5 years in the wild, with this contract, that will not happen to our NFTs.

03.   Themes

Each box will have a theme. This theme is generally picked by the headlining artist of the box. This theme then helps curate the art that you receive if you hold a box when we distribute.

The Key

The Badges